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Got Killa Cam Who’s Next ?🏀

Updated: Jan 14

KNICKN30|Got Killa Cam Who’s Next ?🏀

Got Killa Cam Who’s Next ? OMG we got Cam Reddish The Reunion of the Duke brothers just missing Zion. But do we really need him ? So many wings now who do we keep ? Who’s next to go is it Evan or Burks ? Does Myles make sense with the play from Mitch ? Do we get Fox, Brunson, Hailburton, Murray, or Got to wait for the surprise pick. ? So Many Questions But Tune In & See Where I Start. Be sure you guys stay in tune and follow @Knickn_30 on instagram for all your Knicks coverage. Be sure to also go to www.ventureseasonnetwork.com to stay intone with the network you love so direly.

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