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How Much Does The Pick Cost (11th Pick Is In Part. 2) Ft. Therapy’N Sports

Season 3 Episode 2. Had to get the “Therapy’N Sports” crew back on to pick up were we left off in episode 1. The ideas are rolling, thoughts moving. Now we are just at the point where we ask ourselves: “How Much Does The Pick Cost” Let’s Play GM. Tell us if we got some of these ideas right. Be sure you guys stay in tune and follow @knickn30 on twitter for all your Knicks coverage. Also be sure to follow @arijosdemiel to stay intone with his twitter spaces “Therapy N’ Sports” hosted by him and “Rells” You can also follow Rells @KinG_Easy Be sure to also go to www.ventureseasonnetwork.com to stay in tune with the network you love so direly.

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