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Is Grimes Finally Ready ?

As we all know it's been quite some time since we have seen Quentin Grimes (Q Dot) on the floor. Last time we actually got to see him suit up was the last preseason game where he did look decent.

We are six games into the regular season, and we have yet to see Grimes. The Knicks have stated he has been sidelined with foot soreness.

So far we are six games into the NBA season. The Knicks currently sitting at a comfortable .500 mark ( 3 - 3 ) and now, thankfully, according to Knicks’ coach Tom Thibodeau, Grimes is listed as questionable. Last time we got to see him suit up was the last preseason game in which he looked decent.

If in fact the Knicks do bring the elusive Mr. Grimes out tonight, I don’t expect he will play too many minutes. But he will definitely be solid nonetheless. Solid play on both ends of the floor.

He makes the game easier for our starters in those minutes helping space the floor. It shows us his willingness to look for the open man, the ability to break down defenders and to get into the lane. It was a great showing and it looks like a great promise going into the season after a beautiful productive Summer League.

Yet the foot injury still looms about. Stopping him from seeing minutes we thought we would beat Evan out for.

In these games without him we have seen a lot of ups and downs along this short but greatly informational couple of games so far into this early season.

Such as:

  • Not even spacing in the first unit

  • Tom using Evan as a 3rd option over RJ

  • Not enough coverage on the defense end to make up for lapses within the first unit

And the list can go on but these to make are key factors plus of course we all want to see the potential unravel on the court to see what we truly have within this young core.

Reports coming back today stating that Q Dot is moved up from "Out" to now "Questionable" coming into Wednesdays Night game against the "Atlanta Hawks" back home at Madison Square Garden.

Is this the time that we get to finally see what we been missing ?

Is Q Dot the X - factor to what we feel is the balance to make this team push pass the needle ?

Can he do enough to edge a starting role ?

So many questions running through all of our heads but the one question still remains and that's just " Will He Play ?"

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