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It Has Begun (11th Pick Is In Part. 1) Ft. Therapy’N Sports

Episode 1 is finally here folks. It’s been long awaited but I’m finally back and it’s time to start the new season over here. Was blessed to pick up where I left off last season with no one else then, Therapy’N Sports Hosts “Rells” & “Ariel”. Great Vibes Great Talks. But that’s enough chit chat show was so good next week we have to drop part 2. Be sure you guys stay in tune and follow @knickn30 on twitter for all your Knicks coverage. Also be sure to follow @arijosdemiel to stay intone with his twitter spaces “Therapy N’ Sports” hosted by him and “Rells” You can also follow Rells @KinG_Easy Be sure to also go to www.ventureseasonnetwork.com to stay in tune with the network you love so direly.

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