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Racial Walls

Updated: Apr 6

Todays Episode, I, Demi, talk about the Natural Racial Walls I have, why they are there, and steps I took to try and break them! I went to visit my Caucasian co-worker, that I had only met online and stayed with her and her family. We talk about what racial walls are, why I have them, my experience in TX as well as whether or not those walls need to demolished completely, or maybe just made a bit smaller, or easy to break through! Tap in with us today to learn how to handle prejudice, and find out if we need that wall or not! Throughout the episode, you will hear me reference "10 Minute Guest Visit". This guest visit was going to be my co-worker Amy herself! But unfortunately, after quite a few tech issues, we were unsuccessful at being able to share it with u guys here, but no worries, we will bring to you soon Exclusively on our YouTube Channel! So go grab your drink, and vibe out with us for a QUICK 45 mins of your life!!

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