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Should the Steelers trade for Aaron Rodgers?

Updated: Mar 25

Written by KevEze

A lot of noise about Aaron Rodgers potentially leaving the Green Bay Packers this off season and this has the media in a frenzy. The NFL combine came and went this week and the biggest news to start the week isn't about Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett, WRs 40 times, etc. The 3 teams Rodgers prefer to go to are Denver, Pittsburgh, or Tennessee if he chooses to play elsewhere next season.

Rumors are circulating around that the Broncos are willing to give up the 9th pick in this years draft and more to acquire the reigning MVP. Seeing that the Steelers pick is at 20, it seems like the broncos has a better bargaining tool than the Steelers and the Titans. Now trading a 1st round pick and more doesn't sound too bad if I told you your getting an 4-time MVP in return. The only problem for me is, he's 38.

Should the Steelers trade for Aaron Rodgers?

If he was 28 instead of 38, id go pack his stuff myself, but that's not the case. The Steelers just had an 39(now 40) year old HOF quarterback under center. Bringing in Aaron Rodgers for a year or two doesn't sound like the best idea if we're thinking long term. There's other options out there and hey! who knows, it might be a "Ryan Tannehill" out there. Some players need a change of scenery to unlock their potential. But at the same time, if we get Aaron Rodgers, you wont hear me complain 😂.

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