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Time To Get Real (Featuring. Jonathan Macri)

(Photo Credit to Clutchpoints)

Season 3 Episode 9. HAD TO START UP THE BACK TO BACK WAVE AGAIN ! This time I was blessed to have MR. KnicksFilmSchool Himself (JC aka Jonathan Macri) join me for this episode. One of the few selective people I know that keeps all his takes as real as possible which still giving clear cut input that would have your mind wondering whats to come.

  • Tampering ?

  • Is this prolonging the mitchell trade

  • Is there a melo reunion ?

  • How do we feel about the current roster ?

  • Did the KD saga really slow down the NBA OFF season ?

  • Predictions on the season and what trade deadline moves would we make

Very informational do not miss out on this episode you may miss out on some key gems you needed to hear. Be sure you guys stay in tune and follow @knickn30 on twitter for all your Knicks coverage. Also be sure to follow Jonathan Macri on twitter @JCMacriNBA See you guys next week. Everything you need and more is just one click away www.ventureseasonnetwork.com to stay in tune with the network you love so direly.

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