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Why wait until 4-15? Thibs must go, now

Updated: Nov 30

Leon Rose called him a Coach of the Year. How is he feeling about his coach now?

Why wait until the record is 4-15 to let him go? Let Thibs go now and let this young team develop.

I am tired of saying, "let this young team develop," and "let this young team grow." The Knicks organization seems incapable of doing that. It might have been best for RJ, Obi, and Quick if they had gone with Danny Ainge. They won't be developed here. Leon Rose turned away Donovan Mitchell, who is currently leading a 6-1 team. (Yes, I know it, and I still don't care). Do you think James Dolan won't notice?

Is it just Thibs that won't change?

When Alan Hahn interviewed Leon Rose before the season started, Hahn asked about Thibs' status with the team,

"Thibs, two years ago – Coach of the Year," Rose added. "He's been twice Coach of the Year in his career. I'm so excited about starting on Tuesday. "We're not making any excuses for anything that happened last year. I love Thibs' phrase: We're going to win or we'reWe'reThibs' going to learn."we'reWe'reThibs'

"We're going to win or we're going to lose, Leon. Lose. Like we did last night. A loss many feel could have been avoided with the coach's help. And you're going to continue to support losses like these? Unlike across the bridge, Sean Marks fired his coach and is keeping his job. The same may not be true for you. James Dolan likes to fire everybody.

What is Thibs doing wrong?

  1. The rotation – Evan Fournier should be moved to the bench. If it's good enough for Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, it's good enough for him. He scored a total of three points in last night's humiliating Hawks loss. His defense is lacking and causes his teammates to have to accommodate him. Accommodating Jalen Brunson is enough. Enter Quentin Grimes. It is time for player development, and it seems Leon likes Grimes. Grimes has both offense and defense. Question: Why isn't Thibs doing it?

  2. Substitutions – Thibs seems to have resorted to his 2021-22 method of substitution. Julius Randle played for almost 30 minutes and scored 14 points. He scored only three points in the second half. Isaiah Hartenstein played 25 minutes, scored three points, and had three rebounds, one assist, and two blocks. Mitchell Robinson played 18 minutes and had eight points, 12 rebounds, and three blocks. Only Mitch had four fouls. Four fouls, not six. Why not put your starting center back in the game to help his team until he at least fouled out? These are things that make no sense.

  3. Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley are the stars of the second unit. Yet Obi Toppin plays 18 minutes to Randle's 30. During last night's game Quickley had 16 rebounds but only four assists. It would have been nice to have one of those rebounds get two or three points with an assist to Obi.

  4. The Knicks went into the locker room at halftime with the score of 65/57. After, the Knicks would not score until 7:36 in the third quarter. Thibs would not call a timeout until the score was 65/66. Thibs must go.

It will eventually hurt the locker room

What happened in the locker room that changed everything? Fournier was back in the game but not helping. His lack of defense making matters worse. Thibs keeps him in. The Knicks scored ten points and had ten turnovers in the entire third quarter. What happened in that locker room?

This is on you now, Leon

Why wait until the morale of the team is so far gone it will take half the season to get it back? The Knicks' young squad started the season all smiles. Randle knew his place, and Fournier was just holding a spot for Grimes. But then Grimes' sore foot just couldn't allow him to play. I understand Fournier turned 30 on October 30 and should be entering his prime. That works great for a team looking to win now, this minute. Not for this Knicks team. It's on you now, Leon. You have the players. They just need the coach.

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